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***Please have your trash & recycling out by 7am***





How do we get one of those trash cans with the big wheels on it?

Most new customers will be given a wheeled polycart when they begin service and we hope to eventually get wheeled bins out to all of our customers. We will provide one polycart per household free of charge.


What time do the drivers come by for pickup?

Routes change and sometimes move quicker than normal. To ensure pick-up please have your trash out by 5AM or the night before.


Our trash pick hasn’t been picked up, what should we do?

Many of our drivers have been working their routes for a dozen years or more so misses are rare but do occasionally happen. The most common reason for a missed collection is that the trash wasn’t placed curbside by 7am. Others common reasons are related to wintertime, when snow or ice may obscure your bins or make a road impassible. If you believe the miss was due to our error please call the office and we will work out a solution.


There’s a big winter storm coming, will service be delayed?

It’s possible. Generally we decide whether to cancel service on the morning of the storm. Please check our bulletins page or voicemail to know for sure.


Are there pickups on holidays?

We work through many holidays but we do suspend service for New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In these cases your service may be pushed back a day. Please check our bulletins for up to date info on all delays.


Will you take Christmas trees?

We do offer Christmas tree pick-up on the second Friday of each January for no charge. Please check on our bulletins page to see if your area is included in this service and for the exact date.


We have a mattress that needs to be thrown out.  Can you pick that up?

We can take most bulk items under 6 feet in length. To get these picked up you must call the office first at least a day in advance to let us know. There is an extra fee for this service.


We’ll be out of town for a few weeks, can we suspend service?

Yes. Just call and let us know ahead of time and we will credit your account.


When do bills go out? Can we pay our bill over phone?

Our residential customers are billed twice annually in December and June. We can take credit cards and even debit bank accounts from over the phone. Please call us with your information ready.


Can I get my bill through email?

Yes, this helps to reduce waste! You may also pay on-line at trashbilling.com





Is there a limit on recycling?

There is no limit, recycle away!


How do I know if it’s paper or containers week?

Check here to see our calendar. Pelham customers check here.


Can we get a wheeled bin for recycling?  What else can we use?

We do not offer wheeled bins for recycling. If your recyclables are overflowing consider using a rubbermaid bin or a cardboard box. You can also buy your own wheeled can for recycling provided you mark it with the recycling symbol so our drivers know it's not trash. Please do not put recycles in plastic bags as they may be mistaken for regular trash.


Do you take cardboard?

Yes. Cardboard will be collected along with other paper.


Can oil/anti-freeze containers be recycled?

Nope. Sorry. Even if rinsed out, no...


Can broken glass be recycled?

No, please wrap broken glass in paper or paperbag and place in trash.


Can we recycle lightbulbs?

Incandescent bulbs are considered trash. Please wrap them up so our drivers won’t get cut and place in trash. Florescent bulbs can be taken to some transfer facilities.


What else is recyclable?

For a detailed list of recycling dos and don'ts, including pictures, check out the Springfield MRF site.